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Friday, June 22, 2018


Friday Night Skate Pictures

blindedstew.jpg (17123 bytes)
Here is a picture of Stew right before the alien abduction. We finally found him three weeks later. Stew doesn't skate anymore.

didntseeitcoming.jpg (38426 bytes)
Every once in a while they do construction on the trails. This made for an interesting story for Sharon and Stew. This picture was taken in a well lit area of the dark trail.

distance.jpg (32011 bytes)
Here is one of our break stops. Stephen and Sharon are attempting to relax before the skate home.

group.jpg (25815 bytes)
Here is a group picture taken at one of our break areas. Notice how dark all these pictures are.

From Left to Right
Sharon, Stephen, Tank (Adam), Stew, Psycho_Man (Jason), & Netrow

netrowshell.jpg (30861 bytes)
Here is a picture of Netrow skating through the Shell station near the beginning of our skate. Only bummer is that this communist facility doesn't sell Beer!

ruOKsteve.jpg (29366 bytes)
You can barely see the 12" diameter log that was laying across the trail that took everybody out. Poor Stephen couldn't get up for awhile.

sharon.jpg (14905 bytes)
Beats me what Sharon is doing but if you look real hard you can barely make out the trail. Sharon wasn't too happy with the camera flash destroying her night vision.

sharondead.jpg (22647 bytes)
Sharon didn't see the twig thanks to yours truly blinding her a few minutes earlier. Of course Sharon is pretty hardcore and got up and skated within seconds.

sharonfalling.jpg (17238 bytes)
I was trying to get one of those really cool pictures that you see on ESPN when all the skaters are skating by you in a single line. I quickly realized that all those pictures are during the day.

stephenw.jpg (15278 bytes)
Here's a picture of Stephen at one of the many intersections we have to cross. If you look real hard you can see our buddy Psycho in the background.

thedarktrail.jpg (22372 bytes)
Well here is the entrance to the Dark Trail. It's pretty scary. :)

tankrest.jpg (20306 bytes)
Tank (Adam) rests on one of those really freaky round ball things at one of the rest stops. As you can see I am fully padded that's because when I fall I fall hard!

tankandstew.jpg (123561 bytes)
Tank and Stew after we found him wandering the Woodlands after the alien abduction.

Hopefully these pictures will give you some idea of what to expect on the trails and maybe even entertain you a bit. Thanks to everyone involved who gave up their ability to see while I flashed the camera in their face.

Do You have some pictures you'd like posted here? Contact me at tank@millertek.com


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