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Friday, June 22, 2018



Friday Night Skate Details

Every Friday night (Weather Permitting) there is a skate out of the parking lot at Millpark and Grogan's Mill in the Woodlands (Detailed Directions). We start meeting at 9:00 pm and skate out by 10:00 pm. We generally return by midnight depending on the length of our skate.

Newcomers should be able to skate at least 7 miles as that is our shortest route. If you enjoy inline skating and would like to skate with others, come out and join us. We strongly recommend wearing pads on this skate.

So you think youíre not fast enough, Thatís ok because we re-group frequently to let everyone catch up. Itís easy with a little instruction. You have friends that want to skate? - Bring them or tell them about us. This is a great Social Skating Night and all skaters are welcome. You could call it an "End of Week Stress Reliever"

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you skate?
We skate the trails not the streets. There are over 100 miles of trail in the Woodlands and it would be a shame to waste it on bicycles alone.

How are the trails?
The trails have many lips (places where the concrete doesn't quite match up together) and are dark at the time we skate. The trails are generally clean but there may be an occasional stick or two. 

The trails are exceptionally dark - If you have poor night vision this may not be the skate you're looking for. We have a few pictures on the pictures page.

Is there Beer?
This is a "bring your own beer" skate.  We usually have a beer or two while waiting for people to arrive but there is no beer stops in the Woodlands except at the beginning and end (and only if you bring it). If you want to bring beer on the trail you better backpack it with you. There are a few stores that we skate by and if everyone agrees we may stop and buy refreshments.  We take multiple breaks on the skate but there's just no bars in the Woodlands.

Are you Quad friendly?
If you want to attempt this skate in quads that isn't a problem with us but this trail has many lips and it may be hard for you to skate over them as easily as the inline skaters. SO the answer is that we are extremely friendly but the trail is not. I recommend inlines unless you're a hardcore (early 80's) Urban Animal type. :)

How fast is this skate? 
This skate is probably an intermediate speed level but we will adjust to our slowest skater or form two groups and meet somewhere. The skate is generally not too fast and runs about 7 to 15 miles with an average of 3 or 4 stops.

Who are we?
We are a group of adult recreational inline skaters in the Woodlands area of North Houston. Our members range in age from their mid-twenties to early fifties and come from all walks of life. We enjoy inline skating for many reasons including fitness, the opportunity to meet other skaters, and most of all for fun. Much of our skating is done on the concrete trails of The Woodlands Texas, but we occasionally skate in other areas of metropolitan Houston including Downtown, The Heights and Memorial Park.

What is The Dark Trail?
One of the areas we frequent every time we skate is The Dark Trail. This trail is actually a nature trail, away from the normal street and housing areas. The skate itself is not very difficult during the day but at night it becomes very eery and dark and skating slows down to a crawl.

thedarktrail.jpg (22372 bytes)
At the entrance to the dangerous Dark Trail.

One positive thing about the Dark Trail is that all people are equal. No one wants to break away from the group and no one wants to skate very fast.

What is Weather Permitting?
We already skate on the pitch black trail in less than favorable conditions. We don't like to multiply that factor by adding wet trail and downed limb obstructions. If it's raining or been raining all day and just recently stopped, chances are the skate will be cancelled. If your unsure feel free to e-mail me. tank@millertek.com I usually check it before I head out to skate and if it's rained out even earlier.

If you want to know more information about this skate contact me at tank@millertek.com

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