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 Pictures - '06 Super Truck Shootout 

Spring Creek Offroad Super Truck Shootout
Spring, Texas - Saturday/Sunday June 10th - 11th, 2006

Thanks to Roland, Angie and the rest of the Crew at Spring Creek Offroad this was one of the best Super Truck Shootout's that I've been to. It was very organized and everything seemed to run smoothly. More rigs made it through the courses than in previous years. Don't get me wrong, The courses were still plenty tough and there was plenty of breakage to keep the crowd entertained. the crowd made the event for me. Everyone was having a great time, despite the heat.

Congratulations to Dan for winning Xtreme Class 1st Place and to James for winning Stock Class 3rd. You guys put on a great show and you deserved your trophies.

I have a few pictures of the beginning of the rock crawl event, a few of the mud drags and some of the final day's obstacle course.  Sorry I didn't get many pictures.


 - Dan coming over the last obstacle in his buggy
Mark Claus coming over the last obstacle backwards


Do you have more pictures. Contact Me.

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